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"Why are we missing sales targets?"
"Could we be selling more than forecast?"


Do you want to grow your sales by 12% WITHOUT replacing your sales force?
We need just 30 minutes to gift our science to your sales force 🚀


50% of sales staff are underperforming: find out who, why, and how to fix this.

Assess the most essential selling skills.
Over 43,000 sales executives have improved their sales performance with no loss of sales time. Give us 30 minutes and we can do the same for your sales force (from 1 to 1000+).

Make the recruitment process more scientific and select only the best talent. Hire sales executives that can actually sell.

Sales Skills Assessments by Mark Blezard

What our clients say

Jelf Group

"Without doubt, the best set of profiling questions I have completed (and I’ve done some American formats). If anything, gave you the chance to set an aspiration target, really good."

MH, Sales Manager, The Jelf Group PLC

Lavendon plc

" A very easy to use, insightful survey methodology that helped us to put a line in the sand from which to plan a strategy for sales development going into what will no doubt be a challenging new year."
Brian Tobin
Head of Learning and Development, Lavendon Group

VNU Exhibitions

" We found the SSA assessment to be of high validity and consistent with individual sales performance. The 5 modules covered almost all of the key areas in sales competency and the team reports offered a very clear comparison for both individuals as well as identifying team strengths and weaknesses. It can be used for sales talent screening during both interview and personnel development processes."
Rachel Zhang | 张晓东
HR Department Manager, VNU Exhibitions Asia

Maguire Sales Training

" Insightful, accurate and meaningful reports that are hugely supportive in the recruitment, development and retention of sales teams."
David Rickersey
Maguire Training

Can you trust Sales Skill Audit

Poor sales performance costs more than just salary. It…

Targets Sales Development with Mark Blezard
  • Damages customer relations

  • Burns sales prospects and wastes valuable leads

  • Lowers morale throughout the sales team

  • Produces downstream cash-flow difficulties


Left unattended the damage is staggering.


You can put a stop to this right now. Today!

Mark Blezard

A word from our founder, Mark Blezard

"I have started several companies, as well as purchased a few. In all cases, I lead the sales operations. My motivation to start the Sales Assessment company was born out of frustration with the generally low standard of selling skills (teams I inherited and executives applying for jobs). Don't settle for average when your sales force can be superstars!"

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A Fact About Sales


Can someone with poor sales skills sell?

Actually, they can. Indeed, many top performers are riddled with sales skills gaps but manage to smash targets through sheer hard work and a likeable personality.


But here’s the rub. If you don’t assess your sales force for skills gaps you don’t actually know what “good” looks like.  Good is not exceeding target, good is knowing that the target actually represented every Pound or Dollar available that month. And for that goal to be possible skills are required.


Nothing will happen until we speak!

Our assessments are purely selling skills based so, unlike psychometric tests, we deliver reports that are actionable for immediate sales uplifts. Contact Mark Blezard to learn how the assessments work, view the various report options (from individuals to team overviews), and let's see how we can help you. By the way, we will PROVE the concept to you before you spend a penny!

Institute of Sales Education
We are the only assessment approved by the global sales qualification accrediting body, the ISM Education, and our assessments are the only ones built on peer-reviewed UK Government National Occupational Standards for Sales.
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